CQ interview questions

  1. Explain Architecture of AEM
  2. Difference between AEM and CQ5
  3. How many repositories we can use in AEM
  4. How to identify the number of author/publish instances/servers required in a AEM project
  5. How to create custom component
  6. How to create Dialog: classic and touch UI
  7. How to create dialog listeners
  8. How to create client libs
  9. How to include clientLibs in sightly
  10. How to include component/clientlibs in jsp/sightly
  11. What is allowedPaths property
  12. what is parsys
  13. SIdekick not loading ! what can be the issue ?
  14. component not loading in sidekick ! what can be the issue?
  15. Component group not available in design mode ! what can be the issue?
  16. How to create scheduler/importers
  17. Annotations used in OSGI
  18. Difference between osgi component and service
  19. How to create workflow ? interfaces used in workflow steps
  20. Explain dialog structure 
  21. How to create custom widget
  22. What is the method to register custom widget
  23. How to configure dispatcher ?
  24. What is live copy ? 
  25. What is MSM
  26. What is a bundle?states of bundle
  27. How to create sling servlets ?
  28. How to create custom configuration?
  29. How to get session object in osgi 
  30. What is resource resolver
  31. What are the implicit objects in AEM Sightly or CQ jsp
  32. When to use design dialogs
  33. What are observers?
  34. What is overlaying
  35. How to overlay 
  36. How to customize siteadmin
  37. How to upload multiple images in dam?
  38. How to create custom renditions?
  39. What is selector?
  40. What is suffix
  41. How to find the pages where a specific component is used
  42. what is the difference between sling:resourceType and resourceSuperType
  43. How to get pageproperties of another page in a sightly js
  44. How to integrate eclipse with AEM
  45. How to use maven with CQ
  46. What is VLT ?
  47. What are sling models?
  48. How to restrict templates to be used on pages?
  49. How to start AEM using cmd?
  50. How to use angular with AEM


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